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IZ RADAR. Fast. Pure. Rock-solid.


Long considered the world’s finest digital audio recorder, RADAR now runs Pro Tools, natively. The result is a dual-platform, end-to-end music production system that maintains the integrity of the performance throughout the entire process.



RADAR studio is the culmination of 25 years of audio engineering excellence. In addition to unparalleled build quality and brilliant simplicity, RADAR studio delivers the legendary sound of RADAR in a dual-platform, end-to-end music production system. Why? So that every artist, whether recording with their favourite DAW software, or in classic RADAR mode, can maintain the integrity of their performance throughout the entire production process.


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Phoenix Audio was originally formed in July 1996 to provide a British service for owners of pre 1980 Neve recording consoles. It has since evolved into a manufacturer of high quality Class A audio equipment, uniquely original designs to embody the classic British tone but with a modern twist. Our range of products are designed, built and wired in-house by professional wiremen and engineers with many years experience that take great pride in the quality of their craftsmanship.


In early 2009 Phoenix Audio relocated to the USA, now all our manufacturing and worldwide distribution is handled from our offices in Costa Mesa in sunny Southern California. The sonic quality and integrity of the designs were retained but with a new improved focus on build quality and support and a commitment to use the best possible components. We are proud to now be an American manufacturer of professional audio equipment whilst still maintaining our British heritage and roots. For more information, please visit:


Mojave Audio


David Royer started Mojave Audio in 1985 in the garage of his house. The location was Fullerton, California, and Mojave Audio was a one-man, custom pro audio gear shop. David is best known for his ribbon microphone designs with Royer Labs, but he originally started out designing and building vacuum tube microphones, mic preamps and compressors for engineers in the Los Angeles area. Since the mid 1990’s, David’s custom Mojave products have been used on a number of well-known recordings and have achieved legendary status among a small circle of high-end engineers. Mojave Audio Inc. was launched in 2005 to bring David’s condenser mic designs to the world.For more information, please visit: www./

JZ Microphones


In 2007 JZ Microphones was established in Riga, Latvia. After twenty years of designing several dozen successful microphones, Mic Designer Juris Zarins decided to redirect his experience and passion for design into his own line of handcrafted recording microphones. JZ Microphones are the combination of open-minded thinking leading to an innovative approach and great experience lending deep understanding of fine microphone construction. JZ Microphones combine all the elements critical to world-class microphone design; patented capsule technology, precision electronics and innovative industrial design. We believe sound is an emotional stream connecting all of us as it inspires our greatest works. As the sound lives in its own world and can be very complicated, our objective is to reduce the physical limitations of delivering it to your recording, keeping its complexity and beauty unaltered, for everyone who loves sound as much we do.


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TK Audio is based in Halmstad, a small town in the southwest of Sweden. It started out in 2008 as an additional brand to Vintagedesign as we wanted to develop products with a bit more modern style. Thomas Kristiansson (or TK as his friends call him) is the mastermind behind both Vintagedesign and TK Audio and he has been working with electronics, cords and sounds in different kinds of professions his entire career.


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Pearl Mikrofonlaboratorium


Microphones have been around for over a hundred years, and there are a handful of manufacturers that live on through the decades. Pearl Mikrofonlaboratorium AB is one of these companies. Founded in Stockholm in 1941 by Rune Rosander, Pearl celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. “We’re proving Rune Rosander right in continuing our proud tradition of using rectangular membranes in our microphones”, says Bernt Malmqvist, Pearl’s current owner. Mr Rosander developed this idea in the sixties. “Our capsule has been refined and updated over the years, and many customers consider it the best condenser capsule around. It sure is our distinctive feature”. For more information, please visit:



Our mission is to create new and exciting devices for use in the recording studio. The criteria for our designs are based only on usability, sound quality and reliability. We believe your ears are the most sensitive “test” gear on the planet.


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ARTY–1 by Artur Fisher is purely handcrafted of in Latvia. The sound is second to none, if you going for true vintage ribbon sound and love skilled handcraft. Ribbons are claimed to be the most naturally sounding microphone transducer type and it is difficult to disagree once You have heart a good one in action. It can be described best as “You are there” feel. They are very smoth, flat and even sounding by their nature, but the major goal of a designer is not to spoil this natural beauty with usually unneeded sophistication. Artur has spent years to develope the transformer, it is a toroidal transformers (as used by Royer, Coles and some other manufacturers).



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